24 Weeks Pregnant

By on Feb 16, 2014 in Pregnancy |

Since this is my third pregnancy, it’s really not all that surprising that this is my least documented one.  With Carter I had a whole pregnancy journal that sits on our bookshelf.  With Collin, I was pretty good at weekly blog updates.  But now, I’ve managed a few measly updates in 24 weeks of pregnancy.  Sorry, Rory!

As it’s most likely my last pregnancy, I’m trying very hard to enjoy every bit of it. Despite being tired and sore, I really do enjoy this part of being pregnant.  My belly is fully “popped” so it’s pretty obvious I’m pregnant and not just chunky.  And I’m finally getting some of the delicious movement that I love so much.  My placenta is up front again, so the movement] hasn’t been as prolific as it was with Collin’s pregnancy, but I’m enjoying feeling the thumps and bumps and finally some little hiccups.  Of course there are still the moments when I get completely paranoid if I haven’t felt any movement lately, but usually some poke and prods will elicit at least a few fidgets to calm me back down again.  Strangely enough, you are at your quietest when I lie down for bed at night, even though this was  your brothers’ favorite time to cause a ruckus.  Maybe you’re tired at bedtime just like Mama…hopefully that bodes well for how you will sleep when you are on the outside, too??

With 16 plus or minus weeks to go, I am both super-duper excited to meet you and feeling just a bit apprehensive about the whole process.  I am hoping and praying for an easier labor, delivery and post-partum experience this time around; that you will be healthy and happy; and that our less-little-by-the-moment family will adjust well to having another member.  But mostly I am just so, so excited to be bringing another child into this world.

Being pregnant I am so conscious of what a true miracle this process really is.  It is truly amazing to realize that my body is capable of growing a person from scratch, that every cell knows exactly what it needs to do to make you into a real person with feelings and emotions, and that when I am done we will have another person in this family whom we can’t imagine living without.  I spend so much time wondering what you will look like, how you will act, whether you will be more like brainy Carter, brave Collin, or just truly your own person.  Soon you will be HERE, and we will know all of these things and more.  It truly blows my mind.

A few milestones for reference later: