Stem Cell Therapy and Apraxia: Rory’s 7 Month Update

on Jan 12, 2019


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on Oct 19, 2018

When we are born, everything is black and white.  Happy or sad.  Good or bad.  We quickly find red, too–the love of our parents–but the palette of a newborn is very basic and pure. As babies grow, explore and interact, more colors emerge.  The first smiles and giggles bring yellow for joy.  The outside world shines in sky blue, and the warmth of sunshine glows in orange.  First jealousy burns a vivid green.  The adoration of family is a royal purple.  The colors of infancy are primary, bright and simple. Young children gain an explosion of color with the emergence of curiosity and imagination. Instead of only red, there is a full spectrum from ballerina pink to angry crimson.  Blue ranges from the sheen of a bubble’s curve to the rich cool of the ocean. There is subtlety and shading giving a complexity to a child’s being.  It’s what gives them spark and...