Dear Carter at 20 Months

By on Jun 19, 2011 in Love Letters |

Dear Carter,

Wow, 20 months already?! My little guy is not so little anymore. You’re getting closer and closer to being a big brother, and thankfully you keep getting more and more ready with each passing month. I just wanted to take a few moments to capture you in all of your brilliance at 20 months. I know how easily I forget exactly when you did what (and a lot of this has been going on for a while) but I just wanted to document it here for posterity. 🙂

– You know most of the alphabet (still mix up a few letters here and there) and can identify most of the letters, match letters if there is more than one of a kind, and are starting to learn the alphabet song with me.
– You can count 1 to 10 well, sometimes up to 20, and are starting to understand how to count things…you definitely understand when there are a few items, but get a little mixed up when there are a lot (I think once you start counting, you just don’t want to stop, so if there are 8 of something, you keep going to 10 most of the time!). You’ve started counting the steps when we go up and down them.
– You knows all of your basic shapes (circle, square, triangle, rectangle, oval) and also know star, moon, heart and even octagon. Dada has even started teaching you crazy shapes like rhombus and parabola. If we draw shapes on a piece of paper, you can color certain shapes certain colors, which just amazed me.
– Speaking of colors, you know your colors…red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black and white. The hardest ones for you to get were orange and purple. You still mix up black and brown occasionally, and purple and pink.
– You have a crazy vocabulary! When we go through your books together, you can identify pretty much everything I point to in every book, even difficult items like microscopes, caterpillars, feather dusters and octopus. Sometimes your prononciation isn’t the greatest, but you definitely know what things are if we take the time to understand you. You love your lift-a-flap books and look-and-find books best of all, and I think these have helped with learning so much so fast.
– You can identify pretty much any animal we run into and know sounds for most of them that make sounds, and motions for anything I could think of that doesn’t make a sound. We go through these a lot in the car when I’m trying to keep you awake, and recently, I started telling you the sounds and you are able to tell me what animal makes the sound, too.
– While you’re still far from reading, you’re starting to understand the concept. You know that “C” is for Carter and Collin, “M” is for Mama, and “D” is for Dada (plus a few others, but these are the main ones) and if I write those words down, you can identify the four of them by looking at the letters. You are also good at filling in words when we read books…sometimes I point at the pictures and you fill in the blanks for me (Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, Goodnight Moon), sometimes just because you remember from reading it so many times (Knuffle Bunny, Ferdinand).
– You’re starting to understand relationships…big, little and medium (we work on this with your “quack quacks”), in and out, on and off, etc.
– You know all of your body parts, even your eyebrows, and can identify them on yourself, other people, and in books. You love to pound on my back saying “backabackabackabacka” which I’m hoping will translate into nice backrubs down the road!
– Some of my favorite “Carterisms”: duck = quack quack; bird = peep peep; monkey = ha; lion = grrrr; elephant = finit; pigs say “eh eh” instead of oink; roosters (and usually chickens, too) say cock-a-do; yogurt melts = myna melts; ice cream = ki keam; apples = a-a’s; pineapples = a-a-a’s; bicycle/tricycle/motorcycle = guycycle; Mickey Mouse = Myna Mo; Elmo = MoMo; Grancy = Cee Cee; Zoey = Suzzy; Sophie = Phie Phie
– You really are such a sweet little guy. Sure you have your moments, but you’re a total cuddle bug, love to give hugs and kisses and snuggle, and will occasionally say “love you” which melts my heart. What you lack in independence, you more than makes up for in affection, and I don’t think I would trade that for all of the independent sleeping in the world. 🙂 I am such a proud Mama and just can’t even believe that we made this amazing little person from scratch!