Welcome to the world, Carter: Part 1

on Oct 29, 2009

Carter Glenn McKay was born on Monday, October 19th at 6:15 pm.  He was 7lbs, 12 oz, 21″ long with a 14″ noggin.  While I admit some bias, I have to say that he is the most perfect, amazing, intelligent, adorable baby ever! You may have noticed that my pregnancy blog has gotten a makeover, and this will now be Carter’s website!  I’ll continue blogging, and I’m going to be posting pictures here as well.  Things are still partially under construction (and will stay that way for a few days since I accidentally spilled bottled water on my laptop this morning and it’s currently not working!) but I wanted to get this post up for those of you who want to hear about Carter’s birth.  Disclaimer: I’ve tried not to be too graphic here with anything, but there are a few of the not-so-pleasant details if you want to stop here! Labor and delivery were...