Falling Asleep

on Jan 5, 2012

I don’t know if anyone is still reading this, but I want to start writing again, so here goes… I try to sing him to sleep without curling up with him anymore since he’s two now—my medium boy—but today at naptime he wants to cuddle. He slips his silky head under my arm and wiggles his way under until my arm snakes around his neck, my hand wrapping around his head and resting atop his ear. I breathe in the smell of little boy…a tiny whiff of shampoo mixed with undertones of sweat (but not in a gross boy-sweat way, but the sweet-sweat of toddlerhood). I turn my head slightly to look up at the ceiling, but a quick hand darts out and pulls my cheek back, where a little face is looking at me. He presses his little lips to mine, then turns his head back around on his pillow and shuts his eyes. “I love you, Carter,” I whisper. “I love you too, Mama,” he whispers back before...

Baby Names

on Apr 11, 2011

I wrote a post on my moms’ group message board today about baby names and I wanted to capture this information somewhere for posterity’s sake since this is my baby journal this time around. This is how we chose Carter’s name… We knew if we had a boy that his middle name would be Glenn after my husband since in his family, the father’s name is always the first son’s middle name. (If it had been a girl, her middle name would have been Jean after my family. It’s my middle name and also my cousin’s, my mom’s and my grandmother’s…who we later found out made it up in high school because coming from a big family, she hadn’t been given one and wanted one! Which is TOTALLY my grandmother’s personality.) We wanted his first name to be something relatively modern and not too traditional that we chose because we liked...

The in-between time

on Oct 11, 2009

I am stuck in a holding pattern waiting for Carter to get here, lost somewhere in between my “old” life and my “new” one as I await his arrival.  For almost 29 years now, I have defined myself as many things…daughter, wife, student, friend, business owner…but now I am about to take on a completely different role…mother.  For almost 29 years, I have been Jenni…but now I will go by a different name…Mommy.  For over 14 years, Glenn and I have been just that…Glenn and Jenni, a couple….now we will be Mom and Dad, a family. I still find it hard to believe that this little person who has been living inside of me for almost nine months now is almost ready to come out and become the center of our universe.  Our whole world is about to completely change.  Until then, I sit here and wait until he’s ready.  Whether...