Five Minute Friday: Close

By on May 23, 2014 in Pregnancy | 2 comments

We are so close to welcoming a new baby girl into our family.  My belly is a taut, squirming drum full of hopes and dreams about to become a reality.  Our family is about to irrevocably morph into something mostly the same but also very different.

We are so, so close to meeting the new little person I’ve dreamed about for the past 9 months, wondering who she will look like, what her personality will be like, how everyone will react to her grand entrance into the world.  Soon those questions will be a distant memory and we won’t be able to imagine a time that she wasn’t here.  That I hadn’t memorized every curve of her face, every soft wrinkle, every coo and squirm and warm snuggle.

So close to the bone-crushing tired of being a parent to a newborn, especially with two big-but-still-small kids who need so much attention and especially reassurance that while things are different, they are still loved just as much if not more than before.

At 38 weeks pregnant today, I know just how close we are to all these things.  And while  part of me is willing her to wait just a little bit longer to come out and rock our worlds completely, I am even more excited for her to be here and get the party started.  So close, baby girl, so close.


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