Here we go again!

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So it’s still a bit too early for any sort of formal announcement, but considering just how many people we’ve already spilled the beans to, it’s time to announce it here…I’m pregnant!  Yes, again.  Yes, it was on purpose.  And yes, I think we are a little bit crazy for thinking that we can handle 3 kids.  But let’s hope that we really can!

I am 8.5 weeks now, and we got to see the new little one last week at our first sonogram.  It was so, so nice to see a heartbeat and know that for now at least, everything is looking good!



So that’s the good news.  The bad news?  Morning sickness is just horrendous this time around.  It started full-force at 5 weeks (it was 7 weeks for both of the boys) and it lasts pretty much allllllll daaaaaay looooong (it was late afternoon before it hit its peak before).  I am on Zofran and dabbling in Reglan to try and help, and the drugs help with the vomiting but not so much with the nausea.  Even the thought of most foods sends me running to the bathroom, and I’m just trying to consume a few things here and there.  Ensure, which I drank for dinner every night with Collin, is working well again this time around, and I can usually eat a little bit of breakfast too.  But oh, I am desperately looking forward to my second trimester and keeping fingers and toes crossed that it will bring some relief.  I’m down 12 pounds since I found out I was pregnant, so the good ‘ole pregnancy diet is working its magic once again.  If you read this, please keep your fingers crossed for me, say a prayer, or send some positive energy that I will hold out until I feel better again!

OK, enough of the bad news.  Here’s how I found out I was pregnant this time.  We were trying for a few months, so I had purchased a few of the cheapy pregnancy tests at the Dollar Store to have on-hand for this month since I like to test as soon as humanly possible.  Carter had found the tests and was very curious to see how they worked, so I told him when it was time, he could help me.  Now, the cheapy tests are not very high-tech.  You have to pee in a cup and use a little dropper to put a few drops in the window, and then they work just like the regular tests.  So after I peed in the cup, I let Carter come in and watch the rest. We watched the window and first didn’t see anything happening, but after the designated 2 minutes, a very faint pink line appeared.  I doubted it would show up because it was 5 days before I expected my period, so I asked Carter if he saw a line and he agreed!   I texted Glenn (I know, so romantic!) and told him, “Just took my impatient first pregnancy text and I think I see a very faint “yes” line.  It is a dollar store test and early but maybe??” to which he replied, “You’re a dork.”  So off to Publix we went to get a real test, and sure enough, that line was pinker than pink.  I let Carter tell Glenn when he got home that yes, Mama is pregnant!

The next day I put Collin in Carter’s old “Big Bro” shirt and took him over to my mom’s house after we dropped Carter off at school.  She made a comment about how Collin fit in Carter’s shirt now, but totally missed the significance and went on talking about other things.  After a few minutes went by, I said, “You totally glossed over Collin’s shirt.”  She paused for a minute while it sunk in and then started shrieking.  That evening we went back over to let Collin show Grampy his shirt, but before he got in the door, Carter went over and told him, “Mama’s pregnant!”  So Carter wins, with 2 reveals, while Collin got 1. 🙂

Carter has decided that he wants a sister (me too, buddy), and I think he understands what’s going on this time around.  Collin has a vague idea that there’s a baby in Mama’s “button” but gets confused because he still calls himself Baby sometimes. When I showed him the sonogram and told him it was the baby, he pointed at it and said Baby, then at himself, Me!  We met 3-month-old baby Aaron at a play date today, and he was very interested.  I asked if he wanted a baby at our house and he smiled and said yes!  So that’s a good sign at least!

I am way less stressed out about my third than I was with either of the boys’ pregnancies.  I know I have plenty of love for all of my kiddos, and I know that as hard as it was going from 1 to 2, it’s been so wonderful that I know we will be fine this time around.  Stressed out?  Most definitely.  But fine, too.  (Right??)

OK, that’s it for now.  I will try to be good about posting updates this time around, as I’ve loved going back and reading about Carter’s and Collin’s pregnancies.  Leave me a comment if you read this so I know who’s in the know. 🙂