The Millionaire Roller Coaster

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It’s been months since my last post, I know!  But Tater Tot and I have been riding the Millionaire Roller Coaster since my last post in June, and we’ve just now slowed down enough to stop and breathe for a few minutes!  If you haven’t heard the news, both my friend Liz and I both made it into the contestant pool for Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, and we both made it onto the prime time 10th anniversary episodes with Regis Philbin!  They flew Glenn and me up to New York, all expenses paid, and we filmed my episode on August 4th, so Tater Tot and I officially had our television debut on August 19th when the episode aired.  Millionaire was such a fun experience!  I hung out in the green room all day, had my makeup done professionally, and got to play the “fastest finger” on national television.
August 19th Millionaire Screenshot

Unfortunately, I wasn’t quite quick enough (I was .88 seconds behind the guy who won on the first question!), so I didn’t make it to the hot seat and wasn’t a big winner.  However, since I didn’t make it to the hot seat, I was placed back into the contestant pool again, and they invited me back to the daytime Millionaire show with Meredith Vieira!  So Glenn and I flew back to New York last week (this time on our own dime when I was 34 weeks pregnant!) and I filmed my second episode on 9/9/09.  This time there was no fastest finger, so I went straight to the hot seat!  I’d originally told the producers that if I made it onto the show, we would finally reveal our top secret name pick for Tater Tot on air, so when I finally made it to the hot seat, I got that opportunity!  I told Meredith and the studio audience his name after they all gave me a big drum roll, so when my show airs (tentatively on October 1st), Tater Tot’s name will officially be revealed!   Until then, both his name and how I did on the show have to remain a secret (since I had to sign a confidentiality agreement), but I will tell you that I had a great time and it was such an amazing experience!  I will be happy to finally have both secrets out in the open in October. 🙂


I’m now 34.5 weeks pregnant, and have less than 6 weeks to go until my due date!  Tater Tot is much, much bigger than a sweet potato now, and has morphed into the size of a large melon…and so has my belly!  I am most certainly pregnant now, and he is getting so much bigger every day.  His new habits include sticking his bum out to the point that you can see a round circle protruding from my belly, and kicking me like crazy with his nubby little heels!  He also gets the hiccups at least a few times a day, and my whole belly shakes with each one!  Even this far along in my pregnancy, I consider myself so lucky to be feeling great and staying moderately comfortable.  Here’s hoping I stay that way!  🙂

In preparation for his arrival in a few weeks, we completed our childbirth classes at the hospital, I had some maternity pictures taken by my wonderful friend LeShayne, and I just had my baby shower yesterday, thrown by LeShayne and my friend Lauren, who I refer to as the two “Marthas” because they’re both so creative and crafty!  They did a beautiful job planning everything, and it was so wonderful to see so many of my favorite people all in one place to celebrate my little guy!  The theme of the shower was “There’s a New Gator in the Swamp” since Glenn and I are both Florida Gator fans and Tater Tot will be too!  Glenn and I unpacked everything last night when I got home and tried to get a bit organized, and we’re feeling much more prepared now that we have so much of the “stuff” we need to take care of him, including over 600 diapers! 🙂  Here are some maternity and shower pictures:

Maternity Picturesjen_bellyTater Tot!

Mom & Grancy

Baby Shower!

This week starts my weekly doctor’s appointments, which will continue until he decides to arrive.  In between trips to the doctor, I will be trying to get as much work done as humanly possible so I can wrap up the majority of my projects for my clients and take some guilt-free time off!  And I promise to make an effort to update this blog a few more times before he arrives. 🙂

Love, Jenni & Tater Tot