Tint Jeans

By on Feb 1, 2012 in Thoughts |

Today I’m wearing one of my two treasured pairs of size 12 Tint jeans. When I first put them on many years ago, I had no idea how long they would remain my favorite jeans.

When I bought them I was miserably unhappy at my last job, and I weighed the most I’ve ever weighed in my life (yes, that includes both pregnancies). I assume they fit me like normal jeans at that point, and I remember them being so comfortable that I went out and bought another pair in the exact same size and style so I would have two.
When I quit my job and lost a lot of weight they grew looser and looser until they were eventually folded and put in the back of my closet, my “fat jeans” that I didn’t anticipate ever wearing again. But I just couldn’t get rid of them because I loved them so much.
In December of 2008 I was pregnant for the first time, but literally days after rejoicing over the pregnancy I’d been wanting so badly for months, I miscarried. The jeans came back out when I forced myself to stop crying and venture out of my house to celebrate my 28th birthday with my friend Lauren. While I wasn’t in physical pain, I just needed something more gentle to wear and my old Tint jeans were just the thing. I also wore the red Treasu(red) t-shirt that my friend LeShayne and sweet niece and nephew Tori and Tristan had sent me as a birthday gift…it meant even more to get something so sweet when I was feeling so down.
My sadness was thankfully short-lived when I found out I was pregnant with Carter in February of 2009. My Tint jeans were the last pair of jeans that I wore before buying my first pair of maternity jeans, and I wore them for quite some time with an elastic band around the button and a belly band around the top. After Carter was born, they were the first “real” jeans I fit back in to until I got the baby weight off, then they went back into the closet again until January of 2011 when I found out I was pregnant with Collin. I gradually outgrew them again as my belly grew larger, then once again pulled them out about a month after he was born.
And here we are once again in that in between phase. The weight is coming off a bit slower this time, and really I don’t care so much that I’m not back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. I’m wearing the extra 10 pounds as a badge of honor. My slightly softer, rounder shape is not from unhappiness like it was when I bought my Tint jeans years ago, but rather from the joy of being a mom.